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2020 Rugby Season FAQ

Recent communication from Rugby Canada indicates that reinstatement of rugby related activities may soon be possible. 

However, as you can expect in these difficult times, Rugby Canada’s “Return to Play” protocols are going to place additional requirements on the clubs and require additional efforts from board members, coaches, and volunteers. 

What we know:

  1. Each Rugby Union, i.e. Alberta Rugby, and Rugby club will be responsible for assessing risks in its environment and developing procedures to minimize those risks.
  2. Each Rugby club will be responsible for adhering to the instructions of public health and Governmental Authorities. 
  3. Rugby Canada has been kind enough to explain how our liability insurance works, or doesn’t work, depending on your perspective: the National Insurance Policy, put in place by Rugby Canada, will not cover “Any actual or alleged liability, injury, damage, loss, cost or expense arising directly or indirectly out of, caused by, resulting from, in consequence with or in any way involving or related to any virus or communicable disease.” This exclusion also applies to the Directors and Officers Insurance Policy. That’s quite a mouthful, but in a nutshell it says that if someone gets sick while playing rugby from something, like say...COVID-19, and they decide to sue to the coach, board of directors, who volunteer their time and energy to provide a service that the person elected to utilize, we’re in our own, cast off, and left to try and defend ourselves out of own pocket.  It is unknown what benefit that will provide. It is for this reason the Government of BC has recently passed a Ministerial Order M183 which gives certain sporting organizations limited immunity to certain COVID-19 related lawsuits. 
  4. Luckily, Rugby Canada is going to provide the clubs with an update waiver of liability to address item #3 above.

What does it mean?

  1. Each club needs to appoint a minimum of one (1) COVID-19 safety coordinator.
  2. The club’s COVID-19 safety coordinator(s) and the club president are required to complete a COVID-19 Administrator course prior to applying for permission to return to play. In addition, they are strongly recommending that all coaches, officials, team managers and therapists complete a relevant course. 

The season: 

As most are aware, by the time we can return to play the normal minis, U13, and U15 seasons would be wrapping up. The U16 and  U18 seasons would normally be about to start. However, with the loss of the high school season, the fitness of the athletes that would normally play in these leagues will be suboptimal. It will take a tremendous amount of effort to get rolling this year. We have not heard of there will be any effort to have minis, U13s or U15s play in a summer season. 

For the adults, it has been discussed about extending the season later into fall to try and recapture some of the weekends lost during this shutdown. This might be possible for the men’s team but will not work for women - although the Canadian university sports organization body (U-Sports) has already cancelled fall athletic competitions, it is expected that most women will be returning to university (fingers crossed) at the end of August for the new school year, which doesn’t leave a lot of time. 

For juniors, it is expected that Fall 7’s will be fielded as usual. 

The CRU previously indicated (March 27, 2020) that it was their intent to start regular season games within two weeks of getting approval to return to play. I have not received any follow up information. 


There has been no indication that there will be any break in fees from the upper rugby organization levels, e.g. Rugby Canada, Rugby Alberta, CRU. This constitutes approx. 50% of the fees paid, around $90 for minis up to about $280 for adults. 

I’ll let everyone know as more information becomes available. 

Next steps:

  1. In order to move forward, we require volunteer(s) to be the COVID-19 safety coordinator(s). Without someone(s) to fill this position, the club will not be able to proceed this season. 
  2. We will shortly be required to confirm team(s) that we are entering into the league competitions. I require everyone to fill out the latest club survey to confirm numbers. If there are insufficient positive responses, we will not be fielding teams this year. The deadline to complete this survey is midnight on Monday, June 22, 2020. The survey can be found at:

Contact, etc.:

I can be reached via email at If you email me questions, I will respond and also update this FAQ. 

Best Regards,


Jamie Mior
President, FLRFC

Okotoks Field Conditions

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Who - Boys and Girls, Kindergarten to Grade 5

Where - St Mary's School

When - March 5th & 12th, 6:30-8:00pm

World Rugby ethos of rugby

At the heart of Rugby is a unique ethos which it has retained over the years.  Not only is the Game played to the Laws, but within the spirit of the Laws.  Through discipline, control and mutual self-respect, a fellowship and sense of fair play are forged, defining Rugby as the Game it is.